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Duties & Taxes

According to customs regulations, the buyer must provide valid and accurate customs clearance information and pay the import taxes and fees required by the local customs.

All consignee names, addresses and payers' names should be valid. In certain countries the consignee may have to submit their ID or passport to clear the package or for payment verification purposes. Customers are solely responsible for the accuracy of information that they provide on the Website. Should any information be incorrect and prevent any shipment or deliveries or customs clearance, FANSCREATE will not be held responsible and will not offer any compensation in such cases.

The actual process of customs clearance is usually handled completely by the delivery company (such as UPS, FedEx and DHL). If there are any duties (import duties) or other charges to be paid, the Courier will usually pay first, deliver the product to you, and then you pay the fee.

As an importer, you need to know the local regulations. In another case for which you are also liable, where your country/region requires you to have a license to import goods, in which case it is your responsibility to make sure of the delivery before placing an order with FANSCREATE, and we will not provide any compensation for your goods.

As an importer, you have the sole legal responsibility to answer questions relating to the imported goods delivered to you. Import duties, sales taxes and any other customs charges are your sole responsibility as stated in our terms and conditions. If the delivery fails due to your failure to respond to the communication of the custom promptly, or you refuse to pay the applicable fee, we will not provide any compensation. If the Buyer rejects the package due to import duties or taxes, the Buyer shall be fully liable for all costs involved in the process.

Notice: Please note the order total you see on the checkout page (i.e. goods subtotal + shipping cost) is what you pay to us. It doesn't include any taxes, VAT, or other hidden charges., if there is a tax duty, you need to pay it by yourself. We don't accept any return or refund resulting from you refusing to pay the customs clearance fee.

FANSCREATE will always comply with the law, and We kindly remind users to do the same. As importers, the customers are responsible to comply with all laws and regulations in their own countries.

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