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How to Fix iPhone Xr Dim Backlight - Repair With New Backlight Module

Normally, a phone that needs to replace the display will cost you dozens of dollars, in this tutorial we are going to show you how to deal with it for only 2 dollars.
This is an iPhone XR, it fell into the water and refused to turn on. We take it apart and clean it off in time, connect it to the stabilized voltage current and it boots up. Unfortunately, the backlight film has been burned. In this case, we can replace either the whole display or the backlight module. and the latter option costs far less. Here we choose the second solution.

This is an iPhone that has fallen into the water, we take it down straightly. Unbolt the screws on the charging port. Disconnect the display.

There is still some water in it, unbolt these screws. Disconnect its power very quickly. First, we dry out the water with anti-static glass wiper. Then evaporate the water with a hairdryer.

Tear down the logic board. Heat it once again and try to evaporate the water entirely. Install the logic board. Connect it to the stabilized voltage power. Boot it up. The backlight is rather dim on bottom left corner of the display. In order to specify the condition, we now replace the logic board, connect it to the stabilized voltage power. Power on without spare parts. Still, no backlight. So we can ensure the backlight module is faulty. 

Disconnect the ear speaker flex cable, heat it up. Disconnect the touch screen digitizer flex cable. Unbolt the screws on the iron bracket, it falls out.

Tear down the insulation layer. Bring down the right backlight module with soldering iron, and the left one. Take down the backlight module. 

Apply a new module on the display quickly. Trim it on. Measure the power-supply pins and find the grounding part. Attach the right backlight module with a soldering iron. Connect the display cable and the backlight module. Don't forget the left one. The same operation goes.

Test the phone after assembling. No dim backlight. To ensure the display has been well-repaired, we connect the display to another logic board. Boot it up without spare parts. Backlight module works nicely. Our work has done perfectly.

If your phone has fallen into the water, disconnect the display and dehydrate your phone as soon as possible if you can, or quickly bring it to the nearest repair store. Water conducts electricity. If it goes between the power-supply circuit and the grounding parts, shortcut will happen, and chip damage probably comes. A damaged chip can still be repaired, but a turn CPU or EMMC connot be rescued.

Another thing we should know is that rice, sun or the fire was always worse the damaged phone because the phone is sealed and the water can't really run out naturally. The airtightness of a mobile phone can be compared to the airtightness of an empty water bottle.

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